Okay.  This is my first attempt at a pure blog post on this site.  I figured if there were any place for a blog about another webcomic, it’d be…my own webcomic.  Yeah.

David Malki ! has put out a call to bloggers to write a post about his strip Wondermark.  I’d heard of Wondermark for a few months, mostly through his association with Kris Straub via Tweet Me Harder.  I then saw Malki ! in person at SPX in September.  Despite not being a reader (yet), I squashed any potential embarrassment and introduced myself.  Naturally he was a very tall man.  Nice, too.

Upon returning to my life of quiet drudgery, my curiosity resurfaced.  Armed with a fistful of new webcomics to peruse, I set my sights on Wondermark once and for all.  What follows is a paean to the strip itself, so be warned:


A righteous example of the past triumphing, overtaking, and yet melding with an ever-burgeoning future.  An age-old tale that obliterates the tired shroud of the mundane.  A graphic marvel carved from the monolith of time itself.  A paragon of mirthfulness defined as much by what it doesn’t say as by what it must.  A willful communiqué to a jaded, humdrum society.  A cross-hatched fairy tale that huffs the æther of absurdity in great whoops and gasps.  A sophisticated comment on raucous mores that cannot be ignored.  A scrumptious brainchild of one peerless, punctuated individual. 


Seriously, it’s funny shit.