So over New Year’s weekend, I went down to good ol’ Huntsville, AL (home of the space museum I have managed to not see twice now) and hung out with members of the Team Fortress 2 community known as Control Point. Some of the higher-ups requested I do a comic for a newsletter that would print daily for the duration of the convention. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a mixup when my turn came on the final day, so I never saw my strip run and I presume no one else did either. That’s what the Internet is for: to give to the audience what is rightfully theirs! (And to not feel like I wasted an entire Saturday doing the thing.)

(click to zoom in) (a lot)

I was asked to do something Rock Band related, since there was going to be an RB2 competition, so what’s more RB2 than TF2 characters hamming it up? Makes me wish we’d had a keg at our own celebration.