I’d like to talk a bit about the comic.

You may have noticed that there’s a lighthouse in the top banner. You may have also noticed that Wighthouse’s selling points within the banner mention both a lighthouse and a ghost. You may have keenly noticed that almost three months in, besides the first three comics, neither of these things have appeared in the strip.

These are the byproducts of being a fledgling storyteller. When I started Wighthouse, I planned this opening funeral gambit merely to lay the foundation for the rest of the story. It’s taken me longer than I thought. Rest assured, ghosts are waiting in the wings, ready to perform their eldritch duties. All will come together. I also intend to improve the site sometime soon, especially the comments system, of which I’m not fond, and better typefaces. (File this under “famous last words,” as I’m still fussing with my comicking schedule and have issues with PHP.)

And even if the above has not rustled the merest feather of your composure and you haven’t even noticed the plot, it’s been bugging me, so therein lies my justification.