Yes, folks, I’m back in business. My new place is fantastic and so far very conducive to creativity. I’ve doodled and sketched here and there during the time off, but haven’t gone whole hog in ages. You know what? It feels good to be back. :)

You may have noticed I also made some changes to the site, the most obvious being the new background and color scheme. I’ve added a gallery page, showcasing little non-Wighthouse-related works, which I hope to update often. On that page is information about commissions. That’s right, I’m offering myself up to be your digital slave! (At least at first; I’d love to do graphite/ink as well at some point.)

Next I draw attention to the new Facebook button on the left, which takes you Wighthouse’s FB page, which you can then “like,” as the kids say.

Finally, I finally put an ad box on my site. If you draw a newfangled webcomic, now’s your chance to possibly get a few more eyeballs on it!

So, you haven’t gotten rid of me after all. I missed making comics and telling a story. It’s hard work, no doubt. But this morning, I can climb into bed feeling accomplished once more. As always, thanks for reading, asking about the strip, and kicking my ass into coming back.