Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Wighthouse called The Ropes, as in “know ’em”! As I do research for the comic, I sometimes come across interesting bits of trivia that I’d like to share with my readers. For example, did you know…

…the connection between lighthouses and Godzilla?

Godzilla vs. lighthouse

As it happens, 1954’s pioneering Gojira was based partly on 1933’s infamous monster movie King Kong, and partly on a 1953 movie called The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Beast itself was (loosely) based on a short story by none other than Ray Bradbury.

Originally titled “The Fog Horn,” Bradbury’s story painted a picture of two lighthouse keepers, the younger itching to get back to land after three months on the job. The elder keeper related a tale of a hideous aquatic beast that rises from the waters once a year to answer the fog horn’s call. Unfortunately for the youth, that visit would come between now and tomorrow’s shore leave, with disastrous results.

One moment in Beast was particularly impactful, that of the creature coming face to face with its mimic, as shown above. That creature would go on to inform Gorija and, by extension, giant monster movies all down the line. But the original has its own special place in canon, inspiring Replica Co. Ltd to have a go at a more traditional remake of Bradbury’s yarn. Due to copyright problems it may never get released, but you can still enjoy the trailer and possibly lobby for an online release. I love the sketchy animation at the beginning, but could do without the song. You can also read “The Fog Horn” in its entirety here.

Source: New Daikaiju Appears Through a Fog of Obscurity

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