Welcome to a new weekly feature here at Wighthouse called The Ropes, as in “know ’em”! As I do research for the comic, I sometimes come across interesting bits of trivia that I’d like to share with my readers. For example, did you know…

…dolphins can detect electricity?

Scientists in Germany have discovered that beyond echolocation, the Guiana dolphin also has the capacity to sense electrical fields of short-distance prey. The electro-sensory structures are located in pits in the upper jaw. Such pits have been found in fish and amphibians, but dolphins are the first true mammalian example. What’s more, scientists believe we can someday evolve this sense, too!

But until that day, I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking: GHOST-HUNTING DOLPHINS.

They’re their own EMF detectors! :D

Source: Electric dolphins: cetaceans with a seventh sense

Join us next week when we go back to the graveyard!