Well well well! It’s been a super-long time since I posted anything in this space, but I came across something that made me feel it was worth dusting off the old blog.

If you’re as haunted by the idea of getting near the Chicago Harbor Light as I am, you’ll be very interested in this article the Sun-Times posted yesterday. The author shares that wistfulness towards the CHL…and he happens to have a friend who used to hit it up all the time. A friend who hung out with Coast Guard keepers. And fished from the railing. And dove into the lake from the top. Most importantly, this friend took pictures, pictures that are unthinkable nowadays, with “safety” this and “liability” that. It’s a thrill to see people actually walking on the riprap I’ve drawn so many times, wondering how feasible it would have been, if at all. Check it out, and satisfy some of that curiosity.

Chicago Harbor Light at the end of the breakwater