I really need to see 2001 again. In other news, I dislike po-mo architecture. I respect that it’s efficient and has advantages over older, bulkier, more intricate designs. But cripes, are the buildings ugly. To me, they really do resemble alien life forms, gleaming with some hidden intelligence known only to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate on everything that’s glass and steel. If all you have to offer is a glorified box, though, I shall pass.

More importantly, there’s only one day until C2E2! I’m super, super excited. I never dreamed I’d be behind a table at this point in a webcomic’s lifespan (i.e. infancy) but thanks to Joe Hills and, unfortunately, his partner Art Frederick’s inability to attend, I’ve got the opportunity to be on the other side of convention goings-on. This is C2E2’s inaugural year; I sure hope it’ll be up to snuff.

Anyway, get yer butt on down to McCormick Place for the next one, two or three days and see us at booth WC-R! And check out who all’s coming! Tons of webcomic artists, including 3/4 of Halfpixel, David Malki ! (from whom I won that wonderful book a few months back), Randy Milholland, Danielle Corsetto, Gordon McAlpin, tons more I know I’m forgetting.. also! Ghost Hunters!! You can bet your arse I’ll be checking that out! :D