In case you couldn’t tell by virtue of me doing a comic about ghosts (I swear), I love Halloween. Loooooove it. I’m also a fan of crappy horror movies, but I’ve realized I’ve seen few real horror classics. Thanks to Netflix, I put on Candyman whilst inking today’s strip.

The actual movie was a little confusing and farfetched, even for a slasher film. However, much to the detriment of my productivity, I enjoyed seeing Chicago given a shoutout. Cabrini Green has always fascinated me in a morbid way; the decrepit projects are the kind of place I’d go if I were invisible. Alas, that is not the case, so I gladly leave it up to a movie to take up the slack and investigate for me. They didn’t do a bad job of it, I thought. The actual buildings ain’t much to look at — they are projects, after all — but the sense of danger and creepiness was adequately portrayed. They’re almost all gone now, torn down in a fit of conscience on the city’s behalf, the residents flung across the map or just left homeless. Still, I’m glad the terror was captured while they stood, a very real framework for an urban legend.