Daniel WachterName: Daniel Wachter
Age: 30
A lifelong Chicagoan, Daniel has always gotten along best with buildings, computers and other inanimate objects. Moved into the Chicago Harbor Light to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Spotted on TV on “Pimp My Lighthouse” and “Ghost Spankers.”

The GhostName: The Ghost
Age: ???
Permanent resident of the Chicago Harbor Light and source of Daniel’s constant consternation. She enjoys playing poltergeist with his stuff, occasionally escalating to violence. Does not like guests.

Becky GarratyName: Becky “Becks” Garraty
Age: 28
Daniel’s best friend/former girlfriend. (Don’t worry, they’re cool.) Despite her hipster leanings, she functions as his perpetual go-to for advice, hanging out and other friendly stuff, mostly owing to her prowess at Rock Band.

Nate WachterName: Nate Wachter
Age: 26
Daniel’s younger brother. An environmental engineering lab assistant (translation: protector of the Great Lakes), Nate is a tad naïve for his age. He still looks up to Daniel, but lately it’s so he knows how not to live.

Leona MarquezName: Leona Marquez
Age: 29
Leona is Daniel’s liaison to the US Coast Guard, former owners of the CHL. She makes sure the lighthouse backend runs smoothly. Too serious for her own good, she might have a small crush on Daniel, but she’d never admit it.


Maureen WachterName: Maureen Wachter
Age: A lady never tells
Opposite-of-gay divorcée; mother of Daniel and Nate. Maureen insists her chain smoking gets her to meet new and interesting people. Daniel learned most of his misanthropism from her. (People provided the rest.)

Walt WachterName: Walt Wachter
Age: 60
Affable CPA; father of Daniel and Nate; former husband of Maureen. Technically smart but socially awkward, Walt never really knew how to handle his wife. Recently lost his water-loving brother Rich to prostate cancer.