My mother’s birthday is five days after mine. As such, we usually end up celebrating and exchanging gifts as a family visit out at her place. She likes to get creative with her gifts (in the past I’ve received a framed Sideshow Bob done in marker and a crocheted runner with my name in it), so along with a sorely-needed clock radio, she gave me these:

She whipped up some homebrewed “Ecto Cooler” (like in this strip), a smoking pot of ectoplasmic goo. Not only did she give me a framed photo of it surrounded by tiny panels from this strip, but she also printed it out and ironed it onto a towel.

When I think of how some artists’ parents are disinterested, dismissive, or downright hostile concerning their child’s craft, I’m grateful my mom cares enough about my comic to basically make me fanart. I love you, Mom.